Pay to Skip

Spend money to avoid waiting for a timer to expire.

There are a number of ways that this dark pattern can be used, but they all rely on spending money to skip over something in the game that you don't want to do.

1) You may have a limited amount of "energy" or "turns" that you can use before you are no longer allowed to play the game. You then have to wait for that energy to recharge, or you can pay to instantly recharge it.

2) You may start an activity in a game (building, researching, hunting, etc) and the game starts a timer that indicates how long it will take for this activity to finish before you can collect the rewards. You have to wait, or you can pay money to skip the timer and collect the rewards right now.

3) The game show you advertisements, but will allow you to spend money to skip the ads. This is how you can trade money for your attention.

In these examples, a game designer intentionally puts an undesirable blockage into the game that prevents it from being played unless you wait or pay money. This causes the player some discomfort which can be overcome by paying money. If the player chooses to wait instead, this turns into a different dark pattern called Wait to Play.


WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle Game WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle Game
"Yes: pay to get energy in KOTR, auto-refill energy in KOTR, finish fusion or card training faster, refill bouts in PVP/events, end defeated timer wait early, etc."

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Plants vs. Zombies™ 2
"You can pay coins to retry a failed event."

Legend of the phoenix Legend of the phoenix
"Buy levels in limited time events such as ones for new outfits Assault tokens for purchase that allow you to replenish guild assaults"

"Regenerate AP"

Girls' Frontline Girls' Frontline
"Most timers can be skipped with contracts, which are earned regularly but can be purchased with premium currency."

ISEKAI:Demon Waifu ISEKAI:Demon Waifu
"Pay to purchase skip tokens"

Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium
"You can refill special abilities and skip timers with money."

Gardenscapes Gardenscapes
"You only have 5 hearts that take a while to replenish, but you can spend money to instantly refill your lives."

Off The Road - OTR Open World Driving Off The Road - OTR Open World Driving
"Opening card packs takes time and you can skip it using coins (quite expensive though)"

Town of Salem - The Coven Town of Salem - The Coven
"You can spend money and get the Witch's potion that you normally craft in a few days."